Affordable Bankruptcy From A Lawyer Who Cares

The decline of the auto industry has affected almost every household in the Ypsilanti area. Even people who don't make cars or car parts are hurt by the ripple. Many people are thinking about declaring bankruptcy and starting over, but are hesitant - it seems like such a big step.

My name is Greg Dodd. Bankruptcy is a big step, but it's a step toward new financial life. Your creditors stop hounding you. The phone stops ringing. Significant heavy debts disappear into air.

Our clients are good people like yourself who got behind because of losing their jobs, going through a tough divorce, or having a family member get sick and running up major medical bills.

They come to my law office, on the second floor of our historic City Hall building, because a friend or relative recommended me as being honest and charging modest fees. They know me from my years on the Ypsilanti city council. They know I was elected president of the county bar association.

I often charge as little for a basic Chapter 7 filing as the many "bankruptcy mills" that have sprouted up in recent years, on billboards and TV. The difference is, I will go beyond the basics of your case, and I help with all the work, locating documents, filling out the complex forms, making sure that you pass the means test, that your debts evaporate within an hour of filing.

I make it affordable to get the fresh start you want, starting at just $500.

Let me walk you through the process. I'll do everything I can to make it easy and pain-free.

Bankruptcy is no disgrace. It's how our society keeps people from falling forever. I can help. Call me today at 734-714-8331, or drop me a line.